Cannabis Edibles

What is an Edible?

An edible is any product that can be eaten or drank that contains cannabis or marijuana. Since cannabis can be added to pretty much any product, the possibilities are endless when it comes to edibles. The most popular and commonly found edibles tend to be baked goods and candy.


Types of Edibles Available at SDRC

At SDRC, we have a great selection of delicious edibles to choose from. Along with a rotation of other edibles, we offer:

  • Cookies
  • Blondies
  • Brownies
  • Gummies

If you are curious if we have a specific type of edible in stock, give us a call at (619) 906-5546.


Brands of Edibles We Carry

Get a taste of some of the best-known edible brands at SDRC. While our selection is always changing, here are some of the edible brands that we carry:

  • Soul Sugar Kitchen
  • Kaneh Co.
  • FlavRx
  • More brands coming soon!


How is Eating an Edible Different From Smoking Marijuana?

While both are a means of using cannabis, the effects can be drastically different. The first difference is the amount of time it takes to feel the effects. When you smoke marijuana, the effects can be felt almost immediately. With edibles, there is much more of a delayed response, as effects usually are not felt until 30 to 90 minutes after eating.

The effects of edibles can also be much stronger and longer-lasting. Once you begin to feel the effects of eating an edible, it can last for multiple hours, much longer than smoking. An edible also has stronger effects, sometimes resulting in mild hallucinations and fatigue. These stronger effects mean it is important to exhibit caution and restraint when eating edibles.


Safety Precautions When Eating Edibles

If it is your first time taking edibles, it is better to be safe than sorry. Since the effects of edibles take so long to kick in, many people end up consuming more than they should. This can result in over-consuming cannabis and feeling intense effects; however, know that your health is not at risk. The best advice is to stay patient if it is your first time and start with a small dose. There is always the option to eat more after an hour or two, but you cannot eat less after you have consumed too much cannabis. When you come to SDRC, we can offer you suggestions on dosage and best practices when it comes to edibles.


Cannabis Edibles at SDRC in Mission Valley

If you are looking for cannabis or marijuana edibles in San Diego, look no further than SDRC. We offer a great selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid edibles. If you are interested in learning more about the edibles we carry or have any other questions, contact us today. Give us a call at (619) 906-5546.