Strain choice matters. Let us help you pick the right one.


Get stoned. We’ve all been there: it’s late, you’re wired or in pain but all you want to do is relax. Indica strains are known for more of a body high by bringing on Relaxation, stimulating Appetite and aiding in Sleep. Use a strain like Northern Lights for a great Nighttime smoke.


Get high. You just got invited to the beach or the gym but just aren’t feeling up to it. Sativa strains are famous for their cerebral high by stimulating your Creativity, Alertness and bringing on Energy and Uplifting Euphoria. Use a strain like Jack Herer for a great Daytime smoke.


Get balanced. Whether you’re going out or staying in, Hybrid strains can bring you the best of both worlds by bringing on the cerebral highs of Sativa and body relaxation of Indica. Some lean one way or the other so be sure to check with an SDRC budtender to see what’s right for you. Use a strain like Sherbet for a great Anytime smoke.

Brands Available at SDRC

Quality matters and that is why SDRC only carries premium, licensed brands when it comes to cannabis flower. Here are a few of the brands available at our Mission Valley location:

  • Platinum Vape
  • FloraCal
  • Kings Garden
  • CRU Cannabis
  • Emerald Family Farms

The Best Strains of Cannabis Flower in San Diego at SDRC

SDRC has the best selection of cannabis or marijuana flower in San Diego. We carry high-quality strains of sativa, indica, and hybrids, and we are happy to help our customers select the best strain for them. If you are interested in learning more about the different categories and strains of cannabis, contact SDRC by giving us a call at (619) 906-5546.